Gucci outlet store online,Huan Qi Gao roared

: "Well you old monk, the handsome city, now go kill, if you have a skill,Gucci outlet store online, then to stop me, but I'm afraid you might not have gotten past my two Shishu this off now!"

"Good, good! Huangshan Jianpai, known under no false disabilities, today Pinseng come to experience the look two away his secrets!"

Perfection look dignified, remove an object from the robes, but it is a dark purple wooden fish. He knew the child leaves the child and Ku told him they will not separate more technical, so simply "generous" a little.

Ku across a child and the child leaves, are also attentively pending.

Huan Qi saw leaves two sub-sub-and Ku enough to resist perfection, simply fly the body of the wall, which controls Feijian wanton slaughter.

Jianguang went, blood spatter, broken limbs, wailing continued.

Huan Qi went, still unhindered. Now in his cultivation,Gucci outlet online sale, the King of Qi given them soldiers, absolutely no one can resist Yizhaobanshi. Red rhino sword braved carnage continued frantically devouring human blood.

"Ha ha! ..."

Huan Qi laugh few times, carefree mind the extreme. He thought: "No wonder Gucci outlet are so killer on the battlefield every time, just because when tyrannical power, murder really was so happy!"

Huan Qi Yue kill more vigorously, simply flew to the city gate, cohesion skill, threw his sword split down to the gates.

Crimson Ji Zhang Jianguang instantly extends to a good length, it Jianguang split on the wall when the solid rock even as tofu general, instant fall apart.

"Boom! ..."

Huan Qi gates finally collapsed under Jianguang down.

Huan Qi Gao roared: "city homicide, according to head count, all will be rewarded! ..."

Those soldiers of the court used to oppress the people, and now hear the coach first slaughter, immediately restore the previous bandits also look toward Huan Qi cut the gap, into a homogeneous chow.

King of Qi tens of thousands of poor men, even had time to resist, let Huan Qi to kill by surprise.

The city has become a mass of chaos.

Imperial military forces kill everyone that, of all ages, shoot to kill.

Huan Qi is seems like Shashen will encounter in the big city shame all the blame on the state capital of Qi who these people and soldiers. Crimson Jianguang went, houses collapsed, decapitated corpses.

Soon, the entire state capital of Qi is a bloody, Huan Qi's a massacre,gucci outlet online store usa, it is destined to become a dead city Qi chow fate.

Huan Qi Qi finally to the palace.

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