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front side. This surprised no trivial matter, Gucci handbags outlet a little nervous, he did not know exactly know how many stalkers. But from his parking position to see, you should still unclear Song Yujia concrete floor number, unit, otherwise he should be directly into the area, looking for a more subtle, more conducive to observe the place, stop here apparently so on their own.
Gucci handbags outlet did not stay, but went straight entered the area, and sure enough, the car are now over. Gucci handbags outlet drove into underground parking lot, quite a while, he found the back of the car with the room, but some hesitation. He did not know fake, drive the truck to the side of Building III a unit, then the car, picked up the handbag and flowers into a unit of the elevator. On the elevator,Real Gucci outlet, he pressed a few buttons 6,8,10,18, and finally out of the elevator from the 18th floor, climbed 22 floors of the balcony, and from the three units of the elevator back story underground parking. When he was sure no one track before walking to Building 5, Unit 2, from the elevator to the 7th floor, and then from the stairwell down to the 4th floor.
Song Yujia apron opened the door to the Gucci handbags outlet,Gucci outlet online store, and Gucci handbags outlet is blocked with liliesIn front of the Song Yujia. One refreshing flavor, giving Song Yujia intoxicated, she took on the potential lilies, just to give a kiss to the Gucci handbags outlet, saw his face sweat, asked,, Why do you go.
Nothing, nowhere.
You're something urgent Well, dead people chasing you. Gucci handbags outlet just giggle, did not speak.
They came to the restaurant, a sumptuous dinner have been set.
Oh, too rich, so you bother. Said, Gucci handbags outlet off his jacket.
Song Yujia received in the past. What did you say, let you experience the experience the feeling of home.
Gucci handbags outlet side hand side to learn Feng Gong tone said, The feeling of home ...... nice.
Song Yujia side also came to wash their hands and saying, Well, do not lean it, eat.
They sat opposite, Gucci handbags ou
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