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but also for the old devil stardom was looking for a change, Huang Xuan three strengths are almost the same with his trio at the same time ... and now ... How can he Yingjie shot down 'moment a strange body Twist 'blur surfaced a few mid-air ... insurance, and insurance will be three winds escape away' but also its speed ... thus slowing down.
Intercept live stardom old devil 'Huang Xuan trio stature skimming' is passing overhead since the old devil stardom 'with big hands directly on the TV drama fiercely fighting holy bones caught in the past.
Well darn 'killed!
To see this scene 'stardom old devil also previously teamed face looking angry ... feeling, the moment would have completely vanished, palm Taking a good job from the palm of one suction broke out, turned out to be the trio's body directly shaped condensate in the air a moment ... and he also took the opportunity to flash stature, the first step in a grasping big hands, grabbed an arm is holy fighting remains ... but not until he said something hard,Coach factory outlet sale, sharp matchless King the wind is from the rear of the front of his head fiercely split down.
Fierce winds felt the rear, Notting old devil seize the holy bones of palm fierce fighting toss, direct is to get in behind the bones, the bones will abruptly with a trio of Zhang Feng Huang Xuan to pick up down.
Good bang
Powerful winds on the bones explode ... fury Effort will be back again and again shook the old devil stardom, but with Di Yu bone lazy, but he did not suffer any injuries.
Grabbed the bucket St. bones ... ecstasy of color on the face of stardom old devil also more concentrated ... nor speak,, clutching bones turned tail and ran.
Ah, want to go?
Reaching old devil just turn 'is a ghostly figure emerge in front of a huge ferocious winds ruler flower mouth' is ferocious split directly down.
Feng,Coach factory outlet online!
Heavy foot chop on the bones ... the outbreak debut Road spark 'Coach numb arm shook, butFortunately, that kind of chewy 'also shook the old devil stardom took a step back, but at the moment, Huang Xuan tr
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