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ays of the election with disabilities, Coach never had the slightest break, while the body of a grudge, also drained twice in the middle, but he did not spend twice the candle from the elders to give his cologne essence and blood, but relying evolved into a quasi-day order fighting skills of burning decisions, forced to absorb the energy around between heaven and earth, although this absorption and consumption is proportional to the speed somewhat, but rely on some other recovery grudge immortality, Coach also has insisted down.
A full ten days time, the body of a grudge, did not stop more than half carved operation, such perseverance, even some Void Gu family who were promised help but feel some admiration qu.;
However, this relies on an unusual way, obviously not always stick to it, so in time to reach the fifteenth day, Coach finally could not carry this consumption, this remove the candle from the elders to give his paternity Cologne blood, removed from drop, swallow eight belly.
Gu and blood into the body, Coach is covered with the skin immediately harnessed into a bright Jinmang, the vast energy in the body as the storm swept generally open,Coach factory outlet online, had exhausted the meridians, almost at the moment,Coach factory outlet store, is once again being gurgle vindictive, quickly filled.
Moreover, in this energy crisis swept between, Coach also felt in vivo bone, muscle or meridians, etc., are faintly heard a strange room acid itch, and under this acid itch, like bones,Coach factory outlet, muscles, etc., are slowly becoming more and more tough and powerful qu.;
This is the essence and blood cologne energy inherent in it, it really magical qu;.
Feel the changes in the body, Coach could not help but come to mind also promised some amazing color, this ability, almost all can be compared with some high-level immortality, which is really worthy of Warcraft Void cologne top-notch-like existence ,Just fine blood of power, and so it is has a magic.
So qu;. Next, we continue!
Palm slightly clenched, Coach on the face also appeared slightly tired a smile, eyes tightly wat
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