, teacher.

ormance to also too obvious now, you not only have been noticed by each college For the same time, even those guys probably have VIP gallery you are very concerned about this not a good thing Coach smile,. .. teacher, you can see, our opponents too strong,, not that I want In this way, if you do not, we are difficult to beat.
Masters sigh loudly, said,. I understand that if you have a powerful force behind the support, which is not a problem, but do not forget that in the last Cang Hui College when you kill why he dared to assassinate you.? behind you because there is not enough power. wood show in the forest the wind will destroy my now considering, is not from the gameStart, do not send your turn. Until the final say.
Coach shook his head firmly and said,. No, sir, I want to appearances but also led us to continue to go on to win my attention a person is to be noticed than the entire team better opponents have focused their attention on me. who, no doubt others will relax our vigilance and we Shrek seven strange as a whole, I think,coach factory outlet, the only way to let us in the finals to go further in the competition with the rival opponent more difficult to cope with.
Master smiled and walked around Coach, patted him on the shoulder, You look very far you have done is not wrong, but you have to remember, even the hidden strength of his teammates better, once you are out of the question, it will result in the collapse of the entire team, I have no objection to your approach, but from now on,coach factory outlet sale, every day there came back to the venue, I will make two dragons with you around, and, regardless of When you have partners together and I do not want you have an accident.
Yes, teacher.
Masters continued,. Today you exposed their own fire capability free and melee ability Frankly, I do not even know your melee strength to what extent later in the game, you may wish to use some of their melee. ability. force in your soul and the soul now ring to increase the body, unless the re-emergence of bone growth opponents have soul, otherwise
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