Coach factory outlet sale,Xiao Li frowned forward

w in sight Lan, Coach light relief,Coach factory outlet sale, slowly crouch down, palms inserted into the hot sand,, softly murmured cross-fire ... Here it really?
Lan back shortly after the snow, that it would be in the desert terrain of iron mercenary group all proficient personnel to detect all brought out, after half an hour, all the staff is, where they arrived at the Coach, Xiao Ding gave orders among the more than forty members of the terrain to detect, is the division of laborA very clear division of labor began probing.
As a stone desert town to a big power, naturally there are countless eyes watching their every move. So, in the snow haze with large numbers of people came out shortly after, beginning with some of the tour is the courage of their outposts in the Coach seat area, and confused, looking at those desert terrain iron gently probing mercenary members.
Stone desert outside the city might be possible to hide a piece of different fire areas previously Xiao Ding is being mobilized personnel, the wearer of this zone blocking, so those mercenaries come to the onlookers and other personnel are been mercilessly blocked on the outside.
As the probe carried out around the crowd of people is also increasing. Although Foreign Xiao Ding said, the desert iron mercenary group aggressively moving, because you want to kill a third-order World of Warcraft, but the crowd around,Coach factory outlet, is still in a gradual increase in forward.
Standing on top of a dune, Xiao Ding few people who looked at the crowd outside, could not help some helpless shook his head and smile . According to this view is probably not half an hour, the sand of the mercenary group will be sent come.
Xiao Li frowned forward, Xu Qin Zhao faint on the face of these wicked and wild Yinhen gas, palm flash, tungsten steel guns in the palm, the fiercely inserted in the dunes, cold tunnel If really angered anxious He sand of the mercenary group better not even think he sand of the mercenary group except one Saros. others are just a group of soft egg!
Xiao Ding faint smile, drooping eye
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