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penetrate the space between flash, is in numerous road gaze, potholes that appeared in the sky, the next moment, the endless rolling foot shadow defense, is directly instant crash! See that foot shadow defense collapsed around the venue, the sound suddenly sounded a sigh of regret road.
However, they just sounded sigh of Sharp, exquisite aquamarine flower lotus fire, but it is quietly emerging from the shadow under the feet, and soon the petals slowly open, brilliant Ben Chang ......

One thousandth Phoenix Chapter demon statue
Aquamarine open fire even slowly, like a rosette-like compact fluorescent winding, beautiful and captivating, however, is stunning in this gorgeous stock, but it is hidden like an awful destruction violent force.
In the stretch and opened fire lotus that Yisha beam is also fiercely Baoshe come, soon in the eyes of numerous road,coach factory outlet sale, severely impact the fire lotus in the center!
Contains two kinds are all terrible energy attacks,coach factory outlet online sale, at the moment,, like a meteorite as severelyCollision!
Collision, surprisingly, did not bring up the slightest noise, intense beam tightly intertwined with the green light, constant erosion of each other in the light staggered place, that even the emptiness of space that are spread out along Road tiny dark cracks.
Full field silent, all eyes are all keeping a close eye beams fire lotus with that, although there are not expected in the noise, but some astute person, but also be able to feel the energy of two shares of terror among the faint power .
Fire then slowly rotate the green light will be set off if its green crystal, shrouded in flames on it and let that light how tyrannical, it is difficult to break through that layer of fire defense, but in between this erosion with each other, the beam light, gradually fade - With the continuing face-off, and that space is getting worse undulator, finally broke out from an Kuangmeng attraction, some gravel on top of the ground wood chips flew sniffing That's the light ë, soon crumbled into direct 被震 submerged powder.
This volatil
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