e bit of light deep eyes are emerging, indeed, they still have some hope ......
Now we can only pray that Coach ...... smooth the ancient emperor received heritage, in that case, it would only be able to turn the tide ...... Otherwise, this Plains, is to be finished.
To mind that road slim young figure, Gu Yuan softly But I'd rather believe that kid will be staged some of the miracle ......
In that case, nature is the best ah ......
Gu Yuan remark infection seems to be general,, looking strained side had several people, but also slowly loosened looking down, revealing a trace of a smile on the face.
Time, and in many people's fear and despair slowly goes by, blood clouds enveloped the sky, people get kind of crazy repressed impulses.
Four ...... five months ...... ...... half ......
Blood increasingly deep clouds in the sky above, is also becoming more and more thick, sometimes, that even the sun from which are difficult to penetrate and enter.
In these times, there is also a growing number of Blood Mountain swept the world, and every mans blood surging, all will taste bloody band from the sky.
But along with more and more people poured into the Union defense shield being established, and that some terrible Blood Mountain, is gradually transferred to the target ...... was later even started hitting defense shield, but fortunately strong alliance numerous, although not torn blood cloud, but it does not cover these defenses hold a big problem, of course, every blood Mans impact defense shield, naturally will cause a lot of people's fear, after all,coach factory outlet online, and now they only refuge,coach factory outlet, the sky is the defense shield!
This defense shield if once broken, that heWho will also become the floor among a carrion!
Six months, is slowly spent countless people in fear, the past six months, and not too earth-shattering outbreak of World War II, however, this bloody repression, Que Shibi any war, so too are people crazy.
Six months, the blood just shrouded in cloud Plains, there is no strong family spirit appears that even the sound of th
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