Nike Air Max Old Ting Leng Heng

High, but the capability is on top of his father, if you really talk to in the summer side, your kid does not want this life is not as popular hot drink! ]
[Hey, old Ting, Nike Air Max knew was wrong Well, talk with the Nike Air Max, Nike Air Max talk with, what to do to stand! ] Nike Air Max grinning Coushang ago.
Old Ting Leng Heng, pocket and pulled out a thick stack of bills, Nike Air Max's eyes brighter, time seems to stop at that moment, Nike Air Max's breathing began to increase,Nike Air Max, the perspiration from his forehead is also a Keke seeping.
[Go to the Nike Air Max to buy a cup of coffee, remember to find the money. ] Took a very old $ 5 bill into the Nike Air Max hands.
Nike Air Max cried on the spot, that sad ...

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[As long as there is a certain reputation in the trail will be able to stand for election,womens Nike Air Max, but specifically what kind of rules Nike Air Max do not know, can not do without the money for it. ] Very old answer.
Nike Air Max said sadly: [something else Nike Air Max has everything that money. . ]
Old very cheap laugh: [rest assured, Nike Air Max will support you, if you really heaven gate thirteen when one brother, Nike Air Max is also followed by dipping thing! ]
[Hey, thanks very old! Hadrons must work hard! ] Nike Air Max crooked neck ready out of the office,Nike Air Max shoes, hears old pretty shouting: [back to back, got things to do! ]





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