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bviously stunned surprised a moment, under the watchful eye of the mind, yellowish green energy Nalv among grudge. Barely escaped notice.
Nalv looked puzzled mind quiet gentle pure blue energy. Coach differentiation ray purple fire grudge, the parcel will be tentative and into. Then try to start refining.
With the refinery were, a touch of ecstasy gradually emerge in their hearts. Among the refinery, Coach pleasantly surprised to find that this energy to the extent of pure blue thread, almost to a point where some terror, and green energy to the point where even been able to step removed from Coach again refined, direct infusion entered into a cyclone.
These green energy ... should Ching Lin itself is carried right? Wonder is so pure, the earth experienced a fire nearly a thousand years of time to exercise, not a pure Caiyou Gui ... mind quickly guessed green energy sources Department, Coach suddenly blessed elated, no wonder these old drugs are full of praise Ching Lin, this can provide a steady stream of refining forward to replacing the cumbersome steps of pure energy, but definitely can save at least a tenth of a seven practice time ah.
Good thing ah ... hearts once again delighted with the muttered loudly, Coach quickly stabilize the mind, the body and then began the influx of those blueYellow energy and other energy separated.
After the green energy to be safe, Coach will be in operation within the meridians of the circle, did not find other abnormal,coach outlet online, this infusion into the cyclones, and those yellow energy,coach factory outlet sale, it is because the purity mixed in refined several times before finally just poured into the cyclone.
In practice such a clear division of labor among the cyclone Coach among energy,coach factory outlet online sale, is rapidly filling with.
Selfless practice, from the middle of the night, until dawn when the sky, just a gradual stop.
When the last ray of energy is poured into cyclones, Coach long sigh of relief, Gang Yu dispersed state practice, lower abdomen purple cyclone, but it is suddenly shocked.
By this sudden shiver a bit scared
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