Gucci outlet, Leave the trees

ter 35 sit back and wait for seals

Or come ah ... gucci outlet surrounded by sight watching over more than two hundred armed men can not help but sigh. Then one day you can leave the control of the rebels to go, but lookThey are trying to look yourself in this ah.

Prepare for battle! Gucci outlet order, members of the VX squad immediately transform formation.

Protect the convoy goal o'clock Breakout! With the orders of the members of the coordination of fast marching towards o'clock.

Pop fighting finally broke out, the first to reach his Cobra M dew point down the head of an armed, others quickly find shelter.

Behind a big tree,Gucci outlet, gucci outlet M transferred to the hands of the state began facing single goal burst onto the scene. After coming from the hands of the rifle recoil give him a very practical sense, as long as the hands of a gun, there is a way.

Compare for single emitter speed gucci outlet of a relatively fast, do not listen carefully and use bursts of state is not much difference. But M also has to let him unsatisfactory, a range too close, just meters effective distance of several players make use of M had far forward, invisible increases the degree of danger.

A clip lighting fast hands, gucci outlet rapid draw a new clip to put on their own. At that very moment, I heard a whistle from far and near.

RPG? ! RPG! Leave the trees! Gucci outlet refused to take out the bullets flying,Gucci outlet online, shouting sprang to the side to play a few burst.

Other team members also heard the cry quickly ran out from under the tree, RPG hit the treetops will also explode underneath the tree will become hazardous area.

Lying behind a pair of low shrubs, gucci outlet in exchange for a quick aim behind M, D-shaped firmly caught sight of a shoulder militants RPG rocket launchers, gucci outlet, and that militants almost Meanwhile pulled the trigger hand. Bullets fired into each other fiercely eyebrows, with a huge impact in a substantial head back militants,Gucci outlet online store, to the side of the body also will stumble, RPG launchers after the end of hot gas ejected in
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