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Know. Turned again from start to finish, or stopped at the "mian" name, the chapter Xier decided to tell her, then took things leave.
"Mian?" Call is connected, there did not speak, Zhang Xier firmly asked one.
"Ah, Zhang Xier," mian Dayton for a few seconds before the voice, "I'm just busy it would die tomorrow to have a personal interview, we are ready Gaosi it."
"I want you to say??????" Zhang Xier know presenters must sort out a few times in the interview before the manuscript. Fortunately, like interviews Micahel this fact, sometimes they deliberately outrageous to ask some questions, so that only selling point. But the mian business celebrity interview is certainly not tolerate a little error.
"Zhang Xier, I really particularly busy at the moment," mian sounds are battered look, "but I just find How about you?????? You put that video re-release it, note that the first two questions, give me down, before you put him in November last year to accept an interview to find out that "sound a bit far, probably in Bamiyan and others speak.
"I went on and you say ha." Zhang Xier hear the sound of water mian, "I know you live now Nike air max that I occasionally watch entertainment coverage, I do not care what you are playing now, I ask you to promise me one thing. "
Zhang Xier no interruptions, listening to her finish too late. If she is really busy,cheap Nike Air Max womens, tied up, nothing can not live to the hotel, and even the province of toiletries are bought.
"Zhang Xier, so many years, I have not asked you anything,Ncheap ike Air Max 2012, this time I really beg you," Zhang Xier heard mian probably come to an empty house, some echo, not noisy surroundings, "I I pray thee, Nike air max should stay around. "
"??????" Zhang Xier hear some silent, kind of a spray of blood is necessary to feel.
"Chapter Xier really count I beg you,cheap Nike Air Max, Nike air max this person on our media completely insulated, and if I do not have you, I really can not think of any other way to the." Mian over there says urgent and sincere.
How to do,cheap Nike Air Max 95? How to do?
Actually still have firm determination, but in a little bit to fall, to fall to that has been almost endless abyss, there is only a little bit of light.
For Chapter Xier,cheap Nike Air Max 90, now mian is the only trustworthy person, and is the only one who knows her past life who is a friend there.
Chapter Xier head felt a little sore, sit along the walls
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