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m him climb up the rope under the hair despised say what I wanted to taste the taste of it Well,Coach factory outlet, we are so familiar, what a mouth for fear pro, you do not lose, everything.

Or let your parents come back ah?

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Chapter 83 cohabitation cohabitation
So shameless excuse Tang Ling actually say confidently, Coach only speechless. Such beautiful words from his mouth, then say it seems like a matter of course, if it were to say Coach beauty with which an estimated non-being on the spot can not be made into a pig.
But one thing is still very let Coach relieved that Tang Ling did not direct any confession with him. This is not to say Coach's character more ostrich, the question is this girl just for him with his body blocked the knife, if you really confession, Coach did not know how to refuse.
Friend friend, though a bit ambiguous, to say the Tang Ling might also want to try a kiss really is the taste, nothing else like it think of thisBeautiful young lady in front of the elevator lift secretly long to see the things that just happened. Watching the gang came toward her, startle the pale, out of the effort to smile at the corners of the mouth, trembling please please authentic.
Although Ge Haibin them to many people, but very spacious VIP elevators, a dozen people stand to go did not feel how crowded.
With Ge Haibin Li Zhaodong with a few people into the VIP elevators, blocking the entrance to the fourth floor of two police officers are now over. Yang footsteps behind them, but he can not have the guts to follow into the elevator, the elevator stopped at the door. We should look at the elevator door slowly closed, Yang almost frantic, he should know that today the police will 李兆东 them a few people away, Xu Manli absolutely not Qingrao him. He ventured just about went closer, Ge Haibin coldly glared at him, so he kind of suddenly frightened, the feeling of horror, at the foot of the action immediately stopped. Until the elevator door closed, Yang was recovered from the feeling that sort of frightened.
Until this point, Xu Manli was rushed rushing over to see Dai Li Yang in the elevator next to suddenly turn pale, but still with a touch of luck and asked people?
Taken away by the police. Yang slumped replied.
Waste,Coach factory, Xu Manli hate Yinya crunch, raised a hand snapped a slap heavy fan in Yang's face, pointing Yang cursed so many of you do not know what stopped them? Possessor of what you these wastes?
Ci Wei Xu Manli's face, surrounded all the security around her head buried one will even dare to breathe a.
We stopped, Distressed Road Jiajia Ming Yang guy stopped for a moment, he was the lead police to kick Chuaidao the ground. We added a bunch of police is definitely not the beam County man. Know each other's ins and outs,Coach handbags, we can not hands-ah!
Xu Manli eyes look to the Jiajia Ming, Jia Jiaming quickly nodded and said absolutely not our county police, all the faces, I do not know any!
What is not our county police, that is where they pop out.
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