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atic flight, to this magic wand, Ma Liang has been exhausted, catching three days.
His smile looked forward to it with purple feijian, underground passage that if the shuttle did not snatched the year, is now scheduled to be easy to catch, you will not be so tired.
Think of that shuttle, Ma Liang ink involuntary association to that light, ten years, he more than once fantasized about, in the end what is the magic ink that light can actually grab the giant inferno tribe chase, showing that it must be part of the Guards shall not magic.
Every time I think here, he could not help sighing sound of claws.
Early delivery channels do not fight, do not fight late, but why should I five years of full term, this is open, but no matter how that can finally go home, too dangerous here in recent years are those sudden soul trouble, and so this feijian get their hands on the back assembly points, hey, small junior sister apprentice, you may have to wait for me ah, do not promise big brother, he's a brute of a beast, I'm the only you silly one. Ma Liang to himself, continue to move forward to chase.
But five years later, the small junior sister apprentice now become what it was like in the end? Uh ...... she never practice Ares, is said to have Totale role should look like it is in his thirties, if she becomes old woman, that I gave a good, hum,coach factory outlet store, this war shrine to dozens people, only ten people still alive, this time I go back, will be the focus of cultivation head, and I got the bottle of immortality preceding days, the dose on a panacea, and I even went back to see it is over twenty years old young man, to what it was like when the girl could not find ah. Ma Liang Hey smile, just to feel the whole body is full of power, speed seems faster a point.
Between being proud Ma Liang, suddenly flew rapidly from a distance two Changhong, Ma Liang approaching blink of an eye, where a rainbow over immediately Ma Liang, flashed in front of him at feijian immediately exposed stature, I saw a look of three ten-year-old youth, his eyes dark, big hands grasping, pinching the fly-breasted not look straight into the storage bag, and then turned around,coach factory online, staring at the gloomy Ma Liang.
Also at this time also came a rainbow, a middle-aged man dressed in black, standing behind Ma Liang, a faint smile at him.
Ma Liang looking slightly changed, speechless said Xu Hao, Ge Yang! Ma Liang heart crying, the other two look far seen him before, so That one will know, this duo notorious mess, designed to kill hi Indiana.
Ma Liang decisive tear storage bag, thrown directly in front of Xu Hao, pleaded two fellow, I harvest all these years, are here,coach factory outlet online, and two legacies, I just can protect lives.
Xu Hao Yi Zheng, results storage pocket soul swept away, Ma Liang looked at, I've seen you laugh the most spineless, but also the most fitters, Bale, today put you once, roll!
Ma Liang relieved
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