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d in her tracks, is watching the two of them throughout the sesame Ping reservoir, all the voices are dim down, only to hear the sound of heavy breathing They PeaceMediocre ...... heart beating rapidly. Peach nectar is such as Mu, Gucci outlet online is like drinking nectar, they are holding more and more tightly ......
A big fish on the hook, found wrong, they would swim to the center of the reservoir, fishing rods fall to the ground and was dragged into the water the fish sank ...... untimely ringtones, at this time also rang, Gucci outlet online Shenshouqujie, peach hand by holding down,Gucci outlet online store, Gucci outlet online will not answer, they will continue kissed (this time to the person on the phone, he was really good should be shot) .......
Ringtone really stubborn kind Shuididanchuan perseverance,Gucci outlet, you do not pick it up it will continue ringing, there is a non-dogged spirit. Gucci outlet online bend it, however, worried about something, then release the peach, hand off the waist phone, looked and saw Yang Zi research called, they connected,Gucci outlet store, the phone sounds a little Enchanting, Jiege , where are you?
Peach seat at Gucci outlet online knees, hands Lile her hair, pass over the phone to hear the voice of prettily, know Yang Zi research to fight over, will be silent, listened carefully.
I'm in sesame Ping reservoir fishing,Gucci outlet online, purple research, there is something wrong? Gucci outlet online sound a bit anxious, see Yang Zi research so hurry to find him, and thought he was out of trouble.
Not like you do? Few days do not look at me.
You do not have to accompany you designate Yaohua? His workshop director, but,Gucci outlet store online, compared to my dead labor traffickers, he is but promising. Gucci outlet online a little angry.
You really do not understand, or false does not understand, Yang Zi research tone sounds and a little angry, what the hell to see you and that Peach together, I did it deliberately, gas you!
You are a ghost! Peach listened to gas, they curse in the heart Yang Zi Yan,Real Gucci outlet, originally called me this time let the peach hated to hear Yang Zi resear
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