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. Hey, I'm afraid that one day,Gucci outlet store online, we can use the results of this shell to a new avatars wight it is really an interesting thing. "

Magic Pat said: "I am in front of law enforcement, you rest assured that is applied to."

Then, the magic has come to the tent door Pat.

Kuchiki Taoist altogether and said: "Well, in that case, I will for you raise up the skill of these shell."

Then, deadwood Taoist hands pinched a strange jianjue, and then facing the shell of a finger, a mass of soft white light gas immediately corpse demon shell wrapped up.

Gucci outlet know, deadwood Taoist real dollars are being used to strengthen the body, cited Reiki inject its meridians.

Then, you see it suddenly exudes a shell on top of the red group.

Kuchiki Taoist surprise: "This shell but there are still jiu hostility!"

Gucci outlet said: "That there is how?"

Kuchiki Taoist stunned and said: "You did not even know it? Jiu this shell of hostility since not dispersed, and that is self-wight refining the element previously hostility. Wight was able to muster jiu hostility , because of the yuan against the hostility caused by the body's out. as if I can trigger other world prestige of thunder clouds, but also because of their own practice with the Yuan Xian Qi body. "

Gucci outlet suddenly, Hei said: "So long as we use it well, then you can use this shell caused jiu hostility?"

"If you really can control is maintained the shell, then naturally we can." Deadwood Taoist nodded, "then I'll teach you raised formulas and operation method,Real Gucci outlet, you can take advantage of this shell. Moreover, this shell is stronger You raised the greater the force. Even more amazing is that you need not worry because can not resist a bite injuries jiu hostility because of injury is this body, and you extraordinary medicine, nature has a way to fix this shell. "

Taoist exception Kuchiki said so much, just because he found Gucci outlet is really picked up a powerful "magic." If the words of this shell sorts of enhancements in future be used against the white road, and they also Duoliaoyifen odds.

Gucci outlet is also the hearts of ecstasy, said: "His life inspired the first to say!"

This did not begrudge deadwood Taoist own real dollars, the Reiki endless entered into this shell,Gucci outlet store, the shell in order to stimulate the vitality.

Shortly after, deadwood Taoist forehead began to take
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