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to the black hole, the subsequent sharp contraction of the hole,coach factory outlet online sale, then disappeared without a trace blink of an eye.
For this man did not pursue the matter storage bags, Wang Lin heart anhu fluke, either banner ban, tragedy or filaments, are his ultimate weapon, especially tragedy filaments, not a last resort, he is reluctant to use.
He looked at the disappearance of the black hole in the air, the emergence of a strong surge of the heart, a teenager, he longed to fly at high altitude, but now he can aspire to possess qualifications sky flying.
Take a deep breath, Wang Lin turned to leave.
The repair crystal star comprehension six countries, is clearly not his thing currently available, such as the theory that Xie Yi Young said is true, this is a clue, if you can have access to this material for repair, then Wang Lin do not mind taking to try.
Only now, he has to do is how to make their own, to the period of God!
The period of God, which is the three-liter four countries comprehension levels, the difficulty can be said that great to know that the entire Suzaku sex, number three comprehension country very much, but four comprehension country, but it is less than twenty.
This figure illustrates that the issue of the difficulty of God,Coach factory.
Want to upgrade to the repair of God, spiritual power and environmental levels of comprehension country, apparently unable to meet this requirement, Wang Lin's goal is to find a four comprehension countries, the impact of God on.
He pulls out a map from the storage bag Jane Yu, after reading a little, four comprehension locked country with a coalition known as the five, which is the distance from here, a recent four comprehension country.
Two weeks later, the boundary of the five coalition, already in the head, at the border, there is a light curtain anti-card, which is one of the differences between the four countries and three comprehension comprehension country, this light curtains to prevent any external enter.
Wang Lin came near to curtain, after reading a little, a move his right hand, play a ban blur, the curtain falls, suddenly appeared a gap ablation.
Wang Lin, apart from anything else, the body flash, drill into it.
Chapter 249 of the Fan
Lin entered the country after four comprehension immediately no longer flying, but conceal mortal generally go on Guan Dao, looking around an unfamiliar environment, Wang Lin exhaled deeply.
Yuan Ying enter breakthrough of God, this is not any power law can play a role, even immortality, unless you can get more than six items, otherwise it has no effect.
Want to reach the realm of God, Heaven sentiment needs, and understand a kind of their own situationThis is the only way.
It is because we know that,Coach factory store online, so Wang Lin in four comprehension of this country, have not joined any idea sects, after all, if not really into the martial art of the core, for enhancing of God,
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