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dle-aged scribes. However ≌ old woman was among them. Only. That mood to grasp Pathetic years old. But it is not within its body.
Them. There are four old. The most eye-catching. This four. Both are like just climbed out of the general from the coffin. His face is wrinkled. His four. It is four coalition Mainland guard Patrick elders.
This four looked up, saw that one coming ice tower, where an old, suddenly straighten the waist, the whole person in an instant, lean muscle crazy muster, his body bursts of crackling sound, Beck has suddenly increased, wrinkles, with the muscle to muster, and immediately disappeared shadowless.
Almost a blink of an eye, his whole person begins a skinny old, middle-aged man turned into a majestic, dignified person eyes, staring at the white woman, broke into, said the next black cloud curse the soul faction monk, I do not know you but snow Red Butterfly fellow country?
This old mouth to red butterfly, Suzaku is the subject of national pride to attract female Y snowy days of the year to reach the later peerless genius of God.That white woman eyes shimmering, Lengyan Road was originally cloud curse you, God, one of eight monks of the late four coalition.
Curse cloud brow slightly tight, this woman asked the non-answer, clearly not the answer he wanted, but at the moment, since this woman does not answer, his eyes a cold,coach factory outlet store, waved his right hand forward!
This is a movement, not just the war signals,coach factory outlet online sale, and also a signal within a four-person coalition is ready to perform the second step plans like!
Curse of the cloud can not wait any longer, regardless of whether this woman is not a red butterfly, he would gamble!
Factions of God around him monks, have the body of a move, rushed the air.
White woman eyes flashed with contempt, which saw the Zuozuo ice tower, the snow quickly out of one country's monks of God, the parties to end fighting begins.
With one powerful magical spells, the whole four coalition territory, suddenly earth shattering, the mere mention of the situation,coach factory outlet online, these monks of God, every supernatural powers, have it can move mountains, this way, bursts of volatility mana, ho Hao sway loosed, many low-level monks, either four coalition or, snowy country worth mentioning, just being touched this magic wave, light injuries, while in death.
This battle between the two countries, already divided into two parts, one is the following of God monks fight on the ground, part of the monks of God in their mid-air battle of wits.
This battle is Wang Lin so far seen in the most intense game, he's hiding in the peaks, looking at these unattainable monks of God, one contains a magical spell mood, careful observation up .
Fighting monks of God, often not confined to one place, they frequently sail, not long before the two sides monks of God, they loosed in order to battle the whole four coalition, launched a Shengsizh
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