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Iron swords above the Ge Xing Nvzi, heart Lengheng, underground passage my magic wand, a family heritage thing, although there is nothing supernatural powers, but against the Thunder, but it is incomparable! Her mind a move, at the foot of the iron sword immediately flew forward,Coach factory online, turned down the Lightning's chains, shed those Leiguang flying, as if this sword has no effect.
Ge Xing Nvzai eyes fell on the tip of Li back, eyebrows Wei Zhou, the other side of the station location, make her feel uncomfortable. But now is not the time to say, the speed of the unpleasant iron swords, but wins in the stable, breaking the Lightning flew forward.
Surrounded by nothingness, the front end in sight, but those who came upon a mine of monks, are not lost in this nothingness, just turned down Leiguang chains, you can find the right direction.
After awhile, with iron swords flight, far deep into nothingness, Ge Xing Nvzi on the hilt, in which the soul can not shed light curtains,Coach factory outlet sale, invisible Wang Lin, her heart a move, underground passage does it people were not themselves throw up, slammed into which Ge Xing Nvzi look back, it was like being immediately outside the curtain and into the Thunder penetrate landed him in general, stunned, horrified eyes of, in this moment, reached its peak.
I saw in that this iron lapel square, Wang Lin, one white extremely calm, riding on that Leiguang chains, like Rulvpingdi,Coach factory outlet online salf so much dollar, step by step, step on it.
Leiguang walk, spread to the whole body, but did not have any effect on him, the anti-And extremely comfortable, even soul are unfold, absorbing those Leiguang.
With Wang Lin walk, which is set off behind a series of violent Leiguang, this scene even very far away, you can clearly see, it is like a beacon in the night.
Lee no tip over, at the moment the heart is full of melancholy, he stepped in this tip, hearts will be from the waves, and even almost could not control.
Old friends, we have a long long time ...... ...... ...... do not meet each other on the Li Shen, Antan heard, put away the mind, and immediately noticed behind Ge Xing Nvzi different, subconsciously go back and saw a Wang Lin Lei chains on the rear, but it is now his eyes pupil suddenly shrunk.
He was able to step in between the meat works Once upon which the debris on the Lace mine! Li looks a little heavy, but the moment they return to normal.
Wang Lin did not speak, but their night of fire behind it are like Lightning general, but it is gradually disappearing, until this nothingness spent half a month later, that Leiguang finally gone completely.
Up to this point, Wang Lin was relieved that the LEI is not his wish, but after the body falls on his chains, because flesh and soul are contained the Mines, rub with 雷摩 this chain of cause.
This phenomenon, Wang Lin extremely do not like, too conspicuous, if so long, and could lead to some trouble would
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