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switch is touched in general, the moment when the ball fell Coach sinking golden forehead trigeminal wearing branded, released his body out of the blue and silver imperial rewind back into round after round naked body back to Coach. The Coach will then sit cross-legged in the air,Coach outlet store, the body Xu boat fell and landed on the ground.
A click is heard, Kim broken, rich golden weapons like pouring Coach general spread to every corner of the upper and lower body, and hide his presence. Only the trigeminal dry imprinted on his forehead light bloom, is still so obvious.
Kim broken in that same time,coach factory outlet store, one blue,coach factory outlet sale, one white and two laps glow while the body is released from the Coach. Mixed light are just two laps under his body spread to one meter in diameter to stop the continued extension of incomparable flavor and full of vitality Fengrui Murder instant filling, the same as climbing the ladder when bathed in the light of Poseidon, Coach immediate release out of the blue and silver of their own, killing two areas of God. He wants to use his best to accept the divine soul in front of Fengyun pearl ring test.
In this world, the number of large animal soul, and the Metropolitan ferocious assault. While the soul of the division of hunting would reduce the number of high-grade animal soul. But if they do not kill them, the soul of the beast when the number reaches a certain level, there will be far away from their own territory, attacking the human condition. Therefore, the soul and the soul of the beast itself, the division is to maintain the existence of the continent balanced.
The largest number of the beast, even if the soul, the soul of the beast as a strong peak in the thousands of years of Mao Feng is also the soul of the beast phosphorus corner.
Coach luck is quite good, including small dance included, he only had four hundred thousand years to see the soul of the beast. Small dance, Ming dynasty, two outSoul Central starting point given the test, even the soul is the end of his sixth ring obtained when. He pushed hard
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